Vehicles Cleaning

car-wash-low-waterUCT Cleaning & Trading Offers beautiful AUTO CLEANING services that are customized to suit every individual and companies.

WE COME TO YOU… UCT CLEANING will travel to your home, work, office, or sports club just to name a few locations…

OUR Guarantee…. We guarantee you will be delighted with the valet, or we’ll do it again – *conditions apply

WE COME FULLY EQUIPPED– carrying everything we need, with an aim to not interrupt our clients at all.

SPECIALIST SERVICES…. We offer pick up and drop services, in case the client does not have a dedicated parking, Also offering services such as replacing car mats, seat covers on special requests at an additional cost.

CREDIBILITY…. you know your car is in expert hands. Our recent experiences have been in doing various car wash and detailing services on-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche, VW, Peugeot, Citroen, Subaru, Mazda, Kia, Chrysler Jeep, etc and we handle all customers with utmost care.

TRAINED EXPERTS….. our dedicated team of highly trained professionals have significant experience in the vehicle cleaning industry. Talk to experts who will help you find the best valet that suits your needs.

CHOOSE A VALET TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS…. through several months of careful listening we have a PACKAGE that will suit you ranging from a basic groom to specialist services.


Exterior Polish & Wax

Apply POLISH on paint for buffing with machine which removed weathered & tarnished paint layers also minor scratches to get the paint smooth in original color depth.
Apply WAX & wipe up with machine to get the ultimate GLOSS which also protects the paint against aggressive environmental influences.

REMOVES CEMENT STAINS:We are expert in removing CEMENT STAINS from car paint while keeping the paint save from scratches & dryness.

Interior Cleaning

Dashboard & Doors: Clean with the chemicals to reach deep in (Detailing) & clear with high pressure vacuum machine.

Seats, Carpet & Roof: Clean with different chemicals according to the FABRIC or LEATHER & vacuum which removes the maximum stain plus dirt/dust & dry the fabric.

interior2 interior headlights-polish

Head Lights Polish

Polynag System
Make driving safe because it improves visibility & appearance also saves money by restoring rather than replacing headlights.