Commercial Cleaning

You’ve made the mess, now let us clean it up. Impress your clients with the very best cleaning. Let us make their new house a home! The following is a “rough sketch” of what you can expect from our staff during a construction clean. We are fully insured and carry both liability and Worker’s Comp insurance. Both documents can be furnished at your request.

Step One: Rough Clean:

  • Remove all wood debris from interior, around exterior perimeter and in courtyard of unit. Stack all lumber in front of each house to be placed in dumpster. Sweep for framing inspection after electricians and plumber (one sweep).

Step Two: Box Out Rough Clean:

  • Remove all roofing debris, including clay tile, nails, paper and pallets from perimeter of unit. Finish rough clean (one sweep).

Step Three: Painting Rough Clean:

  • Remove all wood debris generated from cabinets and finish carpentry. Remove all ceramic tile and/or marble slab and tile, including boxes, wrappers, etc. from interior and exterior of unit.
  • Sweep entire interior and exterior of unit.
  • Sweep and scrape entire interior of unit (not including windows).
  • Remove all boxes, paper and debris from interior of unit, outer perimeter and courtyard of unit.

Step Four: Box Out Cleaning For Inspection Rough Clean:

  • Wash interior window glass.
  • Wash exterior window glass and exterior window sash.
  • Pick up and throw out packaing cases and swweep after plumbers and electricians finish.
  • Scrape and sweep for carpet pad.
  • Pick up building debris ahead of finish grade.
  • Sweep garbage.

Clean for inspection and acceptable to include:

  • Wash plumbing fixtures and remove labels from sinks, bathtubs, showers, commodes, mirrors in lavatories, kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Dust cabinets, closets, base, window sills, window and door tracks, fireplace and exterior of appliances.
  • Clean countertops.