About us

Who We Are
UCT is a cleaning Company in Qatar established to answer to the need of Residential and Commercial Cleaning services in an extraordinary and more engaging way. We are here to adhere to and guarantee industry cleaning standards.
Our Skills
Quality - 100%
Hygienic - 100%
To serve the local market by implementing innovative service solutions, building formidable business connections and realizing the highest global quality cleaning standards recommended for both Residential and corporate business environments.
Our Core Values

1. Integrity and accountability in provision of our cleaning services.

2. Professionalism at all times.

1. To be the best local Company in Qatar providing an all-encompassing cleaning solution
2. To provide, contract cleaning, one stop cleaning to Homes and Business
3. To be the first in terms of rankings and quality services
4. To grow steadily into a big corporation capable of coordinating efficiently cleaning activities not only locally but within the Middle East and beyond
Simply to be the company providing unmatched cleaning services owing to our high level of professionalism, accountability and integrity in all our business processes